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Effects of dehydration: why you need to drink more water

How often do you start to yawn at 10am or 2pm in the afternoon? You think you’re tired. Your not tired, you're dehydrated. Most Australians are chronically dehydrated. When we hit the fatigue point maybe we go and get a coffee, energy drink or chocolate, something to stimulate us, then we come back to our desk or work we feel better

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Preparing for motherhood: why it is important for women to optimise their emotional wellbeing before falling pregnant by Dr Sarah Moore GP Obstetrician

The impact of perinatal distress can be significant, affecting the woman’s physical and emotional health during the pregnancy and consequently the development of her unborn child; her experience of child-birth; her ability to bond with and care for her baby; her day-to-day functioning as a new mother; and her relationship with her partner.

 For all of these reasons, I believe it is critical for any woman who is planning to become pregnant to optimise her emotional wellbeing before she conceives.

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