GP/ Medical practitioner

GP/ Medical Practitioners

GPs in the HHPN are committed to providing evidence-based, person-centred, holistic health care to members of their community. GPs are considered to be an important part of the health care team, and often take the lead with coordinating care management, in partnership with the patient. The GP role includes understanding the patients needs and values, assessment and diagnosis, ordering investigations and recommending treatment. GPs need to have a good knowledge of the local resources available to patients, including referral pathways. GPs take into consideration the genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to health. Holistic GPs can recommend a range of treatments, depending on the presenting issues, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, medication, supplements, and arrange referral to appropriate therapists that are accessible in the region. GPs may also refer on to medical specialists for support and advice if they do not have expertise in managing particular condition. GPs play an important role in providing a range of preventative health services, such as screening for various cancers and other chronic diseases. 



Dr Sarah Moore is a procedural GP obstetrician working in Busselton. Sarah is passionate about providing person-centred holistic health care, that embraces the physical, emotional and spiritual elements that create and maintain health and wellbeing. Sarah enjoys working together with her patients to create a health plan that integrates evidence-based modern medicine and the ancient wisdom of traditional practices such as Ayurveda. Sarah is also a medical educator, supervising medical students in general practice and at the Busselton hospital. She is particularly interested in teaching students about the importance of caring for themselves as part of their personal and professional development. Sarah has developed an 8-week mindfulness training program for medical students that she has delivered for the past two years. She is committed to her own daily meditation and yoga practice, and prioritises quality time with her husband and two young daughters as part of her own self-care. Sarah established the Holistic Health Practitioner Network in 2015 as she was curious to learn more about the various health practitioner modalities on offer to people living in the South West, and was involved in bringing the first South West Wellness Expo to Busselton in 2016.

Sarah’s particular interests include pregnancy care, women’s health, mental and emotional health, chronic conditions

Sarah is open and willing to work with a range of health practitioners based on the patient’s needs and established relationships

Professional Body Registration: AHPRA

Business Address: Broadwater Medical Centre, 4 Broadwater Blvd, Broadwater 6280

Business Phone Number: 9751 0400

Business Email:  drsarah@drsarahmoore.com 

Business Website: www.drsarahmoore.com

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DR Ali lyons

Alison qualified as a doctor in London and practiced as a GP.  After spending  10 years in Perth, she relocated to the beautiful SouthWest in 2015.  She is passionate about working closely with other healthcare practitioners to ensure that patients get a truly holistic and individual healthcare.

Professional Body Registration: AHPRA

Business name: Dunsborough Medical Centre

Business Address: 4/54 Seymour House, Dunn Bay Road, Dunsborough

Business Phone Number:9746 3300

Business Email: alison.Lyons@healthscope.com.au

Business website: dunsboroughmedicalcentre.com.au