Hypnotherapy is the art of using a trance state to connect people to their subconscious resources with the intention of creatingpositive change. The process relies on the cooperation of the client, you cannot be hypnotized against your will and there is no loss of control from entering a trance state contrary to what may be assumed from watching stage or street hypnosis. Most people are able to achieve this state and infact most of us do it daily whether driving, reading, gardening, listening to music or watching T.V., the moment we become absorbed in what we are doing to the exclusion of other competing sensory stimuli we have slipped into a light trance state.

When this state is induced intentionally by a therapist it is possible to bypass the conscious, critical part of our minds and access the powerful subconscious where the resources to relieving many of our undesirable habits and unproductive thought processes can be found. Through a combination of metaphors and story telling various suggestions and possibilities are presented to the client and seized upon by the subconscious creating the potential for positive change.

Some of the more common reasons people see a hypnotherapist are Stress, Anxiety, low self esteem, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, Smoking, Drinking, eating disorders and insomni



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At Clearview Hypnotherapy it is my goal to help clients find ways around obstacles that are negatively impacting their quality of life, whether this is through hypnosis, NLP ( neuro linguistic programming ) or EFT ( emotional freedom technique ) or a combination of these.

The opportunity to connect with clients and form strategies to address their own particular needs and witness the resulting positive change is a process that I feel privileged to be a part of and fuels my passion for this work

Hypnosis has been used in various ways for centuries, yet a lot of people are only aware of what they see on T.V. or stage shows and from this example many fear they will lose control during hypnosis. However in a clinical environment you will find that by giving yourself permission to enjoy a state of relaxed focused attention will quickly dispel any fears and at least 99% of my clients comment on conclusion of our sessions that they wish they could have” remained in that state” for longer.

The techniques I use have been shown to provide lasting relief from stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ), low self esteem, addictions, insomnia and eating disorders, however some people just want someone to talk to and that’s ok to, my door is open three mornings a week for people to drop in and chat, as a free service. We also hold the Dunsborough Men’s Circle at my room once a fortnight for men to come and connect in a respectful, non judgemental environment and discover how much the same we all are, even though we’re quite different.

Some hypnosis is covered by HBF and Medicare for which I have provider numbers and I also give generous discounts to pensioners and students.      

Professional Body Registration: Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Business Name: Clearview Hypnotherapy

Business Address: 28 Gifford rd Dunsborough

Business Phone Number: 0438195670

Business Email: clearviewhypnotherapy@gmail.com

Business Website: www.clearviewhypnotherapy.com.au


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