Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psycotherapy


Counselling is the skilful and principled use of a relationship forged between counsellor and client to foster emotional acceptance and growth, increase self-knowledge and develop personal resources. The overarching aim is to provide the client with an opportunity to work towards living a more satisfying and balanced life.

Counselling relationships vary according to need but may centre around addressing developmental issues, resolving specific problems, making decisions, coping with crises, enhancing communication skills, developing personal insights, getting in touch with and working through feelings of inner conflict or improving relations with others. Through this relationship, the counsellor encourages the client to gain a better understanding of who they are and how they interact in their world

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treeny cribb

Why would I see a psychotherapist?

You would see a psychotherapist if you are suffering about the circumstances of your life, such as relationship difficulties and breakdowns, depression and anxiety, trauma recovery from past hurts (such as abuse in childhood), or just feeling general unhappiness in life and not knowing why, or how to proceed.

How will I benefit?

We often try to fix our unhappiness by trying to change our external circumstances (such as leaving relationships, moving location, or having a child in an unhappy relationship). However, “life hacks" like this often give very temporary relief, only to find yourself in another relationship, or place feeling the same way.

Psychotherapy, helps us inquire into our internal world, where we can discover our underlying patterns and programs that lead to creating  unhappiness in our daily lives. These patterns of behaviour are unconscious and overlook, and usually are the result of pastexperiences and conditioning. An example might be a client seeking therapy with the question "Why do I find myself repeatedly attracted to relationships where I am not treated well?"

The benefits of Psychotherapy are that through this process of self-inquiry, we become more attuned to our personal needs and  feelings, clearer about who we are in the world, and better equipped to make choices in alignment with our true nature. This leads to greater purpose in life, which leads towards happiness and contentment.

The Journey…

I became apsychotherapist as a result of the profound changes I experienced through self-enquiry. Psychotherapy is a spiritual journey, that I feel truly set me free to be myself.

It is my honour and privilege to enter into this journey with my clients, and witness their transformation.

Clients you treat: Other practitioners you collaborate with: Medical practitioners, Physiotherapists, Bodyworkers as needed. I work in with the client’s sense of who they need to see.

Professional Body Registration: Nil

Business Name: Treeny Cribb – Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Business Address: (Currently relocating). Consulting in Dunsborough and Bunbury.

Business Phone Number: 0419 192 037

Business Email: treenyc@westnet.com.au

Business Website:  http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/treenycrane

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genevieve morrissey

I am a holistic counsellor (Bachelor of Counselling UNDA) employing a number of different modalities including: Person-Centred, CBT, Existential, Inner Child, Transactional Analysis and Psycho-Educational Therapies.

I see clients for individual counselling at my premises or via Skype. I have created and facilitate Hello To Me a course designed for those wanting to experience change in a supported and on-going group environment. I am a passionate Brené Brown advocate, and I incorporate her wisdom into my own approach to holistic counselling.

I am based in Busselton and offer individual counselling and courses for people living in the South West of Australia.

Clients you treat: General

Modality: Counselling

Professional Body Registration: IICT

Business Name: WholeHearted You Counselling

Address: Broadwater, WA 6280

Contact phone number: 0478 628 288

Email address: admin@whycounsellingbusselton.com

Business website: www.whycounsellingbusselton.com

tricia woods

·      Tricia is an intuitive counsellor and energy healer

·      Her training comes from being a qualified psychologist, Touch for Health kinesiologist and an Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner

· She receives channelled messages and healing energy for people to help guide them through issues such as; relationship problems, anxiety, depression, childhood trauma and lack of focus and direction

· Her special skills are with helping clients find a new career path and clarify their desires

· Tricia is available to lead group meditations and she leads her signature meditation and dance class - yin2you - on a regular basis in Dunsborough

Clients you treat: Adults and children with anxiety and depression, lack of focus and direction and general stress.

Other practitioners you collaborate with: Melia Brent-White – Body Talk and Equine Assisted Learning

Modality: Counselling

Professional Body Registration: None

Business Name: Tricia Woods Coaching

Business Address: 15 Norfolk Street, Dunsborough

Business Phone Number: 0418 698 305

Business Email: triciawoods@iinet.net.au

Business Website:  www.triciawoods.com.au



jacqueline curwood

I am situated in the beautiful south-west of Western Australia and I mindfully integrate the surrounding abundance of nature in my Intuitive Art Classes, Workshops, and Individual Sessions.

“Because suffering is impermanent, that is why we can transform it.Because happiness is impermanent, that is why we have to nourish it.”Zen Master -Thich Nhat Hanh - 10th June 2014.

 I work with anyone seeking to transform and nourish their emotional and mental well-being, through understanding, awareness and self-help. Holistic Counselling is a body-based form of therapy, working with the anthroposophical (Rudolf Steiner’s teachings) “fourfold” model of the body, at a deep energetic and cellular level.  It uses verbal and non-verbal means of artistic therapy mediums. Artistic therapies, like sandplay, clay and colour are particularly good for those who are unable to talk about what is troubling them. Clearing anger, working with grief and loss or gaining personal boundaries, are often what is needed to return the breath to our bodies, enabling us to be present, enhancing our connection to daily rhythms, wellness and happiness.

I incorporate the health benefits of laughter into my classes, workshops and individual sessions, assisting people to work with what is worrying them.Laughter yoga is a process that enables people to laugh even if they don’t feel like it. It is an aerobic exercise that anyone can do, anytime, anywhere,  that results in health and happiness. Laughter is one of the most cost-effective remedies for stress reduction, boosting the immune system and contributing to health and wellbeing. I am passionate about bringing laughter as a therapeutic aid to people of all ages, abilities and challenges, at home and the workplace.

Clients I treat:  I work with individuals or groups and am available for corporate presentations. I am passionate about working with people of all abilities (individuals, their families, friends & colleagues), mentoring and empowering people who live with Autism, also individuals who have Mental Health challenges

Other practitioners you collaborate with: Extensive/various

Modality: Holistic Counselling, Art Therapy and  Laughter Yoga

Professional Body Registration: IICT

Business Name: Jacqueline Curwood

Address: PO Box 464 YALLINGUP, WA  6282

Contact phone number: 0415 662 052

Email address: jaccurwood@westnet.com.au



Jenie Taylor

As an integrative trauma therapist Jenie gently facilitates, embodied renegotiation and re-patterning of difficult life issues, traumatic events and unresolved experiences in adults.

Jenie is particularly interested in working with early life imprints, attachment and developmental trauma. Such as experiences in utero, at birth and the first few years after birth which are crucial in forming our beliefs about life, our capacity to be in relationship with ourselves and others and our health throughout our lifetime.

 Working with the nervous system, imprints or patterns from these times, known or unknown, can be re-patterned at any stage of life as the body holds these memories. With skilled empathic presence, attuned guidance and support the past that is alive today is somatically contacted, engaged safely, freed up and integrated into current time. Life can then be lived more joyfully and in alignment with the deeper truth of who we are.  Clients learn capacities and skills that organically translate into their lives as they work with Jenie.

Clients you treat: Adults with attachment and developmental trauma, birth, prenatal and postnatal imprinting, ancestral trauma, difficult life situations, relational challenges, anxiety and stress management, abuse, shock and depression, places of being stuck, dissatisfaction with life, self worth and self esteem and thoughts that create suffering.

Other practitioners you collaborate with: I am happy to collaborate with a variety of health care practitioners depending on the clients needs.

Modality: Somatic Trauma Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Prenatal, Birth and Attachment Therapy, Inquiry “The Work” of Byron Katie.

Professional Body Registration: BCTA/NA

Business Name: Embodiment for Life

Business Address: Busselton and Fremantle area.

Business Phone Number: 0455 736 994

Business Email: Jenieforpeace@gmail.com

Business Website:  www.jenietaylor.com.au