Psychologists see people of all ages with a range of life challenges and mental health difficulties, supporting them to better understand themselves and work through their challenges. Psychologists undertake extensive university study and supervised training, as well as ongoing professional development to ensure the provision of compassionate and informed care.

The development of a warm, respectful therapy relationship forms a safe place to explore challenges and concerns. Therapy is confidential, and what is discussed does not leave the room. Therapy helps to increase awareneness of thoughts, behaviour, emotions and patterns of relating to others, and how they have been influenced by past and present experiences. This heightened awareness allows for greater choice and flexibility, enabling people to work through difficulties and build on their strengths to increase their capacity for enhanced well-being, fulfilling relationships and lives rich with personal meaning. Psychologists draw from a variety of therapeutic modalities, to ensure that therapy is tailored to each individual.

When working with young people, psychologists help the young person to express their thoughts and feelings, and help to identify and work through what is problematic or challenging while enhancing their strengths. Children express themselves and learn best through play, and a variety of creative art and play therapy techniques are used to enhance connection and promote change. The involvement of parents and caregivers in the therapy process is important to support long-term change. Psychologists can also work with families to explore and enhace patterns of communication and connection.

Clients who obtain a referral from their GP are eligible for a significant rebate for 6-10 sessions per year, and health fund rebates may also apply.


joanne edmond

I am a registered psychologist working with children, families and adults. I am committed and passionate about the work and interventions that we offer our clients. I am grounded in the framework of Positive Psychology and Neuro Psychotherapy and utilise a range of interventions within these frameworks. I have an extensive background in children and family work prior to completing registration as a Psychologist along with lecturing and training development. I am passionate about my work and feel privileged to share in the journey of others towards a more meaningful future. I have over 22 years’ experience working with individuals, children, adolescents and families across a range of disciplines.

My areas of interest and expertise include:

·      Autism

·      Depression

·      Anxiety

·      Stress management

·      Mindfulness

·      Positive Psychology

·      Grief and loss

·      Separation/relationship issues

·      Adolescent and child issues

·      Parenting issues

·      Parent/adolescent conflict

·      School issues and bullying

·      Self esteem

Therapy focus

I believe that every person has strengths and is unique and that these unique strengths will help an individual overcome their difficulties. I provide a client focused service to enable people to reach their full potential utilising a range of therapeutic approaches including positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), interpersonal psychotherapy, solution focused brief therapy, narrative therapy, art and play therapy and neuro psychotherapy.

Clients you treat: Children, Adolescents and Adults with Anxiety, Autism, Depression, PTSD, Eating Disorders etc.

Modality: Positive Psychology, Neuro Psychotherapy

Professional Body Registration: Australian Psychological Society

Business Name: Core Therapy Psychology Services

Business Address: 1210 Caves Rd, Quindalup, WA 6281

Business Phone Number: 08 9750 5413

Business Email: info@coretherapy.net.au

Business Websitehttp://coretherapy.net.au/

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heather lowndes

Heather Lowndes is a Registered Psychologist (AHPRA) and Member of the Australian Psychological Society.  Heather has over 20 years of experience in providing psychological services and has worked in regional and remote areas of Western Australia, including the mining industry. 

Heather first established private practice since 2007 and currently provides psychological services to people in Busselton, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie (visiting service).

Heather is experienced in working with people with a range of problems that may impact on mental health and day to day functioning including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, chronic pain, unhealthy lifestyle choices, work injury/stress, communication and relationship difficulties. 

Heather believes in a holistic approach to psychological therapy, and works from a compassionate and mindful perspective to assist people to access their own inner strengths and develop to their full potential. 

During her career Heather has delivered training to community groups and organisations in relation to weight management and healthy lifestyle, confidence and assertiveness, communication strategies, team building, anger management, working with adolescents and mental health, domestic violence.

Heather is committed to ongoing professional development to ensure that her knowledge and skills are current and in line with the latest scientific research.  Models of therapy that are provided for adults, adolescents, children and couples include:


·      Cognitive behaviour interventions

·      Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

·      Clinical neuropsychotherapy

·      Compassionate Therapy

·      Mindfulness

·      Hypnosis

·      Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

·      Stress reduction and relaxation

Clients you treat: Counselling is available for adults, adolescents, children and couples for a range of problems including:

·      Depression

·      Anxiety and panic

·      Stress

·      Trauma/PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

·      Pain management

·      Grief and loss

·      Adjustment difficulties

·      Self-confidence and self-esteem

·      Anger management

·      Phobias

·      Work/career related stress

·      Relationship difficulties, including the impact of FIFO

·      Problems related to work injury/motor vehicle accident

·      Weight management and body image

·      Personal growth and goal setting

·      Health and wellness

Other practitioners you collaborate with: Heather works with GPs and other health professionals from a broad range of modalities.

Professional Body Registration:  AHPRA, Member Australian Psychological Society

Business Name: BreakThrough Psychology

Business Address: 53 Bussell Highway, Busselton

Business Phone Number: 0400 747 433

Business Email: heather@breakthroughpsych.com.au

Business Website: www.breakthroughpsych.com.au