Yoga, Pilates and Fitness

Yoga, Pilates and Fitness

Yoga-  Yoga is a wholistic practice that optimises health and wellbeing through movement, breathing, meditation, lifestyle choices and self-study. There is physical as well as mental benefits including,  Improving strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, reducing stress and improving mood. 


katie garnet

Be prepared to laugh, have fun and make new friends during a katieyoga class and leave feeling energised, focused and balanced. Katie is passionate about mental and physical wellbeing. She strives to empower individuals with knowledge and strategies to take charge of their health and wellbeing.

Katie is a qualified school teacher and workplace trainer, and has a Masters degree in Communications. She has over a decade’s experience in education and training. She is experienced at providing a safe and nurturing environment where individual needs are catered for within a group setting and where classes are structured around learning objectives. Katie is a qualified yoga teacher and therapist, she continually develops her skills and knowledge providing students with the most up-to-date teachings from the yoga and wellness disciplines.

Katie is committed to fostering best practice within the yoga profession and she realises this vision though her volunteer work with Yoga Australia, the peak professional body for yoga within Australia. As the treasurer, Katie is part of the Executive Committee that strategically steers the not-for-profit organisation in their mission to represent yoga teachers in Australia, promote best practice, and educate the general community and professional groups about yoga. In this capacity, Katie frequently networks with yoga teachers and therapists from around the country. She recently presented at the Annual Yoga Australia Conference to fellow yoga teachers and therapists.

In 2014 Katie started katieyoga in Busselton with the vision of building a community around the practice of yoga as a way to enhance students’ social wellbeing. With the motto “Yoga for Everybody” katieyoga offers:

Weekly Classes

·      Gentle/Beginners

·      All Levels

·      Chair Yoga

·      Meditation

Short Courses

·      Kids Yoga

·      Mums and Bubs

·      Workshops

·      Mindfulness

·      Yoga Postures/Philosophy

Wellness Retreats

·      Mini Retreats

·      Weekend Retreats

Private Yoga Sessions

Corporate Yoga

Yoga Therapy

Community Fundraising Events

Clients you treat: katieyoga is for everybody,  Low Mobility, Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Seniors, Children, Prenatal, Mums & Bubs etc

Other practitioners you collaborate with: Yoga Australia Executive Committee, Yoga Australia National Management Committee, Yoga Australia Members – Yoga, Teachers and Therapists, South West Holistic Health Network, Charley Hickey – Yoga Teacher and Therapist, Kim Lister – Wholefood Cooking

Professional Body Registration: Yoga Australia

Modality: Yoga Therapist, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Business Name: katieyoga

Business Address: Shop 32 Fig Tree Lane, 55 Prince St, Busselton, WA 6280

Business Phone Number: 0408 938 495

Business Email: info@katieyoga.com.au           

Business Website: www.katieyoga.com.au


Jen Stuart

My name is Jen and I am originally from London. I moved to WA with my partner and now living in the nourishing Margaret river with him. I drive to Fremantle fortnightly for other yoga commitments. I first discovered yoga through the desire to heal myself from a car crash back in the UK. This has lead me on an unexpected journey. A regular mindful yoga practice was my cure. Through chronic pain, allergies, PTSD and denial yoga shifted so much. The practice entirely changed my existence and now I am no longer suffering from any ailment, and this is not by chance. I am so passionate to share tools, techniques and practices with others along their journey in a gentle and nurturing way and so others can truly regulate, feel and love themselves. Also sharing Hatha Yoga, I feel there are some powerful interconnection with philosophies and teachings that trickle into the yoga for trauma work I now specialise in. Trauma Informed Yoga is about coming back into the body, reconnecting and becoming empowered moment to moment. Everything is an invitation and and an opportunity for exploration.Running monthly workshops and courses around Yoga for Trauma & Yoga for Emotional Resilience in both the South West and Fremantle. I also offer this work one on one, either at the clients home or at my home studio for an incubated and unique programme.

Clients I treat:  Everybody, but for specifics.. Trauma, anxiety, depression, abuse, neglect, physical ailment, emotional shock, grief, any emotional instability, those needing grounding, healing, drug and alcohol addiction recovery (trauma covers a lot of areas as people can be traumatised for so many different circumstances)

Other practitioners you collaborate with: Psychologists and Counsellors

Modality: Yoga for Trauma

Professional Body Registration: YA, RYT

Business Name: Jen Stuart

Address: Margaret River

Contact phone number: 0449 014 917

Email address: jenstuartcontact@gmail.com

Business website: jen-stuart.com

Angela Oberholzer


Angela began practicing yoga in 2000 during a 2-year travel experience through India, Nepal and South East Asia.  She spent extensive time practicing meditation and yoga in monasteries, centres and ashrams, whilst being completely submerged in the culture and studying the philosophy.

In 2006 Angela began a dedicated practice of the Sudarshan Kriya, Pranayama, Sahaj Samadi meditation and yoga through the Art of Living Foundation.  It was during this time that she also found solace in the practice of yoga asana to bring balance to her stressful life in the corporate Medical Industry in Cape Town, South Africa.

Angela's practice began with Hatha Yoga but she has also been trained in Iyengar, Vinyasa, Therapy and Yin Yoga.  She has completed her 500hrs teaching certification, is a member of Yoga Australia and has specialised in the teaching of Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga for Active Birth and Postnatal Yoga.

Angela draws influence from all of these styles to formulate an alignment-focused, flowing practice that links the movement of the body with the breath in a creative and dynamic way.  Maintaining strength and flexibility has been a key factor in complimenting her competitive trail running career and giving her that extra advantage to win multiple events in the past.  Angela draws on this and her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology when supporting those with injuries and reduced mobility and teaching Therapy and Yin yoga.

Being a qualified Dietician and Specialised Pregnancy Yoga teacher, Angela has a strong interest and passion for educating, supporting and empowering women during pregnancy, birth and thereafter.

 Angela also offers private yoga classes that are uniquely designed, adapted and tailored to suit your needs and personal goals.  In this space, you will receive complete focus and attention; build a strong foundation and understanding of the practice and of yourself.

Angela believes that everyone should practice yoga as it offers a way of achieving maximum wellness of the body, mind and spirit whilst creating a community of sharing, support and love. She invites you to join her on the mat to explore the body and journey within!

Clients you treat: Apsara Yoga welcomes all yoga practitioners, including pre and postnatal women, people with reduced mobility & injuries, men and women; both young and old

Other practitioners you collaborate with: Yoga Australia Teachers, Midwives, GP’s, Obstetricians, Australian Breastfeeding Association, Lactation Consultants, Osteopaths, TCM’s, Naturopaths, Dieticians

Modality: Pre- and Postnatal Yoga, Mindful Birth Workshops, Therapy Yoga, Yin Yoga

 Qualifications: BSc Dietetics (Cum Laude), Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics (Cum Laude), Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Distinction), 500hr Yoga Teacher Training, Certificate in Functional Medicine, Certificate in Ayurvedic Massage, Certificate in Traditional Thai Massage

 Professional Body Registration: Yoga Australia

 Business Name: Apsara Yoga & Wellness

 Business Address: 11 Winter Retreat, Yallingup 6282

 Business Phone Number: 0412 206 642

 Business Email: info@apsarayogawellness.com

 Business Website: www.apsarayogawellness.com