Midwifery, Pre and Post Natal Support

Midwifery, Pre and Post Natal Support

Independent Midwives provide maternity care for women and babies. Independent midwives are able to offer complete care during the pregnancy, labour and birth, and post delivery period (up to 6 weeks) after the baby is born. Independent Midwives have the ability to care for clients who are birthing either at home or in a hospital and can provide ‘continuity of care’, or antenatal and post natal care. Independent midwives who are ‘endorsed’ can order bloods, ultrasounds, prescribe, offer Medicare Rebates and refer to medical practitioners when necessary. Independent Midwives offer holistic, women centred care.

A sleep Nurse is someone who usually comes from a Nursing/Midwifery background that specialises in helping parents teach their children positive sleeping strategies. This can be done from newborns (Mother-craft support) through to toddlers and early childhood.  A sleep nurse can aid in settling and resettling, night walking, sleep cycles, envrionment and wear, bedtime and routine. Support can be accessed through many options including Home visit consultations, Clinic visits, phone consultations, Mum’s group talks and large group workshops.

Lactation Consultant- An International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant [IBCLC] is a trained health professional who specialises in the clinical management of breast feeding. It is the only internationally recognised professional breast-feeding qualification. An IBCLC advocates for the promotion, protection, and support of breast feeding for all Mothers and their infants and provides evidenced-based lactation care in a variety of settings.


Mama Lee midwife- online antenatal classess

For expecting parents: these birth classes have been developed and crafted by experienced midwife and birth expert- who has been teaching for 11 years.

These online antenatal classes have been lovingly created to support and guide expecting parents during their pregnancy- for birth and beyond.

Lee has a 98% vaginal birth rate with clients, birthing babies at hospital and at home. She has designed these classes so that all women and their support people- no matter where they are can access a range of non-biased, heart centred information to help them.

There are 4 main classes and a series of 'Special Extras' which include special guests ( from the Health Network including Dr Sarah Moore, Tess Doig, Kate Garnett, Dr David Bennett, Sally Gray ND) All the material is available on line 24/7 for 6 months with additional monthly 'Question and Answer' sessions.  Being on line means that there is no travelling on dangerous roads at night, you can be in the comfort of your own home, and there is complete flexibility around when you chose to learn.

The emphasis is on choice and growing confidence, and most importantly celebrating pregnancy and birth with warmth and kindness, as you area supported towards long term health for you and your baby x

Join me at the website to find out more x Mama Lee

Clients you treat: Pregnant women and babies to 6 weeks old.

Other practitioners you collaborate with: I work in collaboration with Dr Sarah Moore and other local Gp Obstetricians as per NMBA guidelines and refer to many local holistic practitioners for support during pregnancy such as body therapy, osteopathy, naturopath, psychology, yoga etc

Modality: Midwifery

Professional Body Registration: APHRA

Business Name: Mama Lee Midwifery

Business Address: Dunsborough

Business Phone Number: 0406 476 711

Business Email: info@mamaleemidwife.com.au 

Business Website: www.mamaleemidwife.com.au

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emma Pollard

The Goodnight Nurse was born from my personal experience as a Mum struggling with a sleepless baby and the desperation and fear of having to admit that I had Post Natal Depression. The feeling of failure as a Mum, Wife and individual became isolating and the dread that came with every day was suffocating. Having tried everything to help my baby sleep, I turned to the help of a “sleep professional” who promised to come see me that very day! My excitement was short lived. Charging $1,600 for a 2-hour consultation was completely unaffordable. The excitement quickly turned to disappointment then anger, but eventually turned into motivation. I decided there and then that I would be the one to teach my son to sleep and when I did, I would dedicate my life to reach out to every parent I could, however I could, so they wouldn’t have to go through what I did! I started by visiting families in their homes and as word spread to families further afield, I began consulting over the phone. I became busier after my “day job” than I was at it so I took the plunge, gave up my day job as a Nurse and The Goodnight Nurse was born!

Today, The Goodnight Nurse has published a book, trained 2 independent consultants, has an international following and provides a range of services from one on one consultations to phone consultations as well as webinars and Australia wide workshops of up to 200 participants.

Clients you treat: I help parents fix their babies/children’s sleep issues.

Other practitioners you collaborate with:  Elisha Robb - Bay Family Chiropractic.

Modality: Child Sleep Consultant

Professional Body Registration: Nurses Board WA

Business Name: The Goodnight Nurse

Business Address: 34 Kathleen Crescent Vasse WA 6280

Business Phone Number: 0403 332 104

Business Email: info@thegoodnightnurse.com.au

Business Website: www.thegoodnightnurse.com.au

Martha Ging

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Martha has lived in the South West for the past 30 years and has spent 20 years working as a Midwife. She obtained her International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) qualification in 2006, which she has used consistently at Busselton Health campus. Recently Martha has moved into Private Practice as a Lactation Consultant and offers personalised one to one breast feeding support in the comfort and privacy of home.

The art of breast feeding may be natural, but it is not always instinctual or easy. Every mother and baby are different, and they deserve good evidenced based information. Martha will take the time to understand the breast-feeding challenges you may be facing with knowledgeable and compassionate care. Then with gentle guidance and an individualised plan, Martha will support you to continue your breast-feeding journey and to enjoy the many health benefits that breast feeding brings.

Clients you treat: Martha works with breast feeding mothers and their infants and encourages close involvement with the mother’s partner or support person. Martha works also with pregnant women to plan and prepare for their future breast-feeding experience.

 Other practitioners you collaborate with: Martha has a great working relationship with our local obstetric general practitioners, community child health nurses and home birth midwives. Martha is working towards developing working relationships with other modalities particularly those who have a special interest to support the Mother and infant to breast feed, for example craniosacral therapists.

Modality: Lactation Consultant

 Qualifications: IBCLC, RM, RN.

 Professional Body Registration: International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) and AHPRA

 Business Name: Geographe Lactation Consultancy

 Business Address: Busselton

 Business Phone Number: 0459038056

 Business Email: mmging59@gmail.com

 Business Website: Facebook