South West Wellness Festival 2018


South- West Wellness Festival 2018

The South West Wellness Expo of 2017 will be the wellness event of the year. To be held on Sunday the 28th October 2018 at the Busselton Precinct on Queen Street, the day will be comprised of health practitioner stalls, interactive workshops, TED-style talks by health professionals and community members, deliciously healthy food and entertainment for the kids. 


The South West Wellness Festival is the love child of the Holistic Health Network Inc – a group of over 100 holistic health practitioners committed to providing patient-centred, holistic health care to their local community.


Our vision of the Network is to improve community health and knowledge by promoting wellness via free community events that bring together local holistic health practitioners and community members. The Festival will be a free event for the general public to attend, with a focus on the health of children, teens and families.

What to expect:

- Health practitioner stalls giving community members a chance to meet and greet practitioners to discuss their services they provide

- Interactive workshops including yoga, dance, art, and mindfulness

- TED- style talks by health practitioners and community members in a range of health and wellness topics


Local schools have also been invited to participate in a colouring-in competition as part of the Expo. Prizes will be awarded to 3 students from each age group. We are very excited to announce that our very own South West surfing legend Taj Burrow will be presenting prizes to the winning artists.


The practitioners who have been involved in the planning of this event include Dr Sarah Moore, GP Obstetrician; Joanne Edmond, Psychologist; Lana Storm, Kinesiologist; Tara Nelson, Naturopath; Tara Hawken, Health Coach; Amy Garrett, Birth Choices;  Tess Doig, Naturopath.


A number of local businesses have provided generous sponsorship for the Festival, they can be viewed here




9:30-am- Advanced care planning with medical student Anna Kelly 

10am- Plato’s Chariot: Balancing the head, heart & gut brain with physiotherapist and crystal therapist Simon Cribb

10:30- Free your body and feel better Tricia Woods

11:30am-  How to believe in you when life knocks you down... again with holistic health coach Gwenda Smith

12pm- Balancing your Brains: how to connect with & listen to your body’s intelligence with Body Talk therapist Melia Brent-White

12:30pm- Make the Change. Be the Change – Befriending Anxiety with Aromatherapist and Reiki therapist Sana Turnock

1:00pm- When you feel fried: How to overcome exhaustion & burnout with Life coach Mish Pope 

1:30pm- Counselling – What’s in it for me? with holistic counsellor Genevieve Morrissey




9.15–10am                Kids Jo Jingles Singing                      Catherine Hemblen

10.15- 11am              Kids Yoga Class                                  Heather Starr

11-11.30am              Kids Awards presentation                   Taj Burrow    

11.30- 12.15pm        Kids Dance Class                               Catie Shepherd


8.30-9am                   Chanting/Yoga/Meditation             Katie Coryell              

9-9.15am                   Festival Opening                               Sarah Moore 

9.15-10am                 Adult General Yoga Class                  Katie Garnett             

10-10.15am              Kangatraining Demo                         Barb Black                  

10.15- 11am              Qi Gong/Tai Chi                                 Dr Mick Back              

11.30-12.15pm         Drumming for Wellness & Healing  Stacey Smart              

12.15-1.00pm           Yin2You Healing Movement             Tricia Woods