The Paperbark Wellness Project

The Paperbark Wellness Project


The Holistic Health Practitioner Network has recently founded the Paperbark Wellness Project. This long-term project aims to make wellness and connection a vital part of our community through an emotionally focussed, heart-centred approach to mental health.

Through the Paperbark Project we aim to bring, inspire or create projects that will facilitate connecting community members together in a heart focused way in order to bring about lasting change that will reduce the feeling of isolation and disconnectedness that so many feel. We will do this through small and large projects that a Paperbark think-tank feel are suitable and will look at getting funding from within our community businesses, through government sources and our own fundraising events.

A Paperbark Wellness Project think-tank will oversee plans to draw to this community, or source from within this community, leading effective programs, projects, workshops and health professionals to bring about a grass roots heart centred approach to mental health with the aim of significantly reducing the community rates of suicide, anxiety and depression and other associated mental health issues. The Paperbark Project intends to be complementary to the existing health care system.

We are passionate about collaborating with all manner of community businesses, organisations and services. Part of the essence of the success of the Project will be the participation and support of local businesses, organisations, services and regular community members wanting to be involved.

Our target is across the whole community and over time we would be hoping to deliver projects that reach into most of these areas (as listed below).

  • The elderly affected by isolation and mobility issues

  • Farmers and others working on the land

  • Youth caught in the law enforcement cycle with drug and alcohol issues

  • Community members who feel marginalised and disconnected or isolated

  • Men’s mental health

  • Women’s mental health

  • Indigenous mental health

  • Schools wanting to be proactive with mental health and wellness

  • Community members who want to be involved and active in raising mental health wellness in this region

  • Those involved in the mental health care system either delivering care or receiving it