Man, I feel like a woman!

“Man. I feel like a woman!” – Shania Twain

 A woman is like a diamond, she is enthralling, beautiful, exquisite and unique.

Just like the diamond, she has many facets and she is hard to break…

Today I would like to share with you the wonders of you and offer some insights for you to know that all you are is enough and that all you do is enough.

Let’s have a look at these facets or perhaps you could think of them as different personas…Who here has signed up for the incredible role of being a mother? A lifetime contract. Did you ever think it would have so many hurdles and challenges? Who is a ‘spouse’? Any hurdles challenges in that role? And what about a sibling?


Now to the big dreamers…your own business? Who would have thought there be so many challenges in having your own business?

Now back to being a woman… She has more moods than any of mother natures seasons. She can change her look from morning noon and night. She can be artistic, creative, intellectual, and sensitive compassionate, dependable, caring, empathetic, martyr, sufferer…

And a woman scorned well …look out is all I can say!

Women tend to cluster and group up. Now here in comes trouble…imagine walking into a room full of women. What do you expect to happen? Look you up and down, snigger, sneer, false smiles…bitchy women, judgmental women.. Being a woman is simply amazing it is Gods best gift ever. Sensual, sexy, foxy. Temptress, alluring, mysterious... We all scrub up well after a hard day!

A woman is an amazing powerful species of the humankind.

The way you can bask in the glory of woman-ness and be that wife, mother, mate, friend s to truly know every facet of you.

1.    Know what success is for you

2.    Make it personal – not comparable

3.    Set boundaries, a plan and work to it

4.    Honour yourself with kindness and love

5.    Be true to you

Know that you can never again live a day an hour or a minute of your time as a mother so

1.    Love unconditionally and teach it

2.    Set boundaries for your children so they grow up to be respectful, honourable and loving to themselves and others

3.    Encourage, guide and inspire through words and actions

Know that you can never again embrace your spouse the same as you did today and you can never again be kind to yourself as you did today. Every day is a new day nothing is repeated ever. Only in your mind.


by Gwenda Smith

Holistic Intervention Practitioner; Mentor & Educator in Holistic natural Healing



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