Energy Healing - What's Actually Happening? - Tricia Woods

Have you ever been to an energy healer?

If you've ever seen a brilliant counsellor, gifted massage therapist, devoted yoga teacher or compassionate family doctor, you've been in the presence of an energy healer. That's right, energy healing isn’t just the domain of Reiki masters, acupuncturists, kinesiologists or practitioners working in fields such as Quantum Touch, The Bars, Feldenkrais, Bowen Therapy... The list is long.

Here's my humbly proposed definition of energy healing:

Energy healing happens in any interaction where the practitioner possesses genuine empathy, compassion and the intention to be of assistance. This effect is enhanced when everyone involved has no attachment to a specific outcome nor a particular concept of what ‘success’ looks like.

When I began my studies in kinesiology a decade ago, I wasn’t convinced it was the right path for me. I knew that I loved receiving the benefits of kinesiology, but the decision to study it felt more like stepping onto a barely-discernible path of possibility, rather than striding confidently onto a smooth road of certainty. But hey, most of my study choices have felt like that.

Way back in the early nineties when I chose psychology for my second university degree, it was only after failing to get into a course in occupational therapy and then exploring options as varied as nutrition, speech pathology, health promotion and social work that I finally and fairly half-heartedly settled for psych. I guess I was following a gut feeling of some sort because I ended up loving the course.

The purpose of this tale is twofold. First, I want to demystify what I now do as an intuitive counsellor and energy healer because beyond the constantly evolving range of techniques I use, what I'm essentially tapping into is a universal field, or channel if you like, of healing energy that’s available to us all. We all feel it when healing energy is present in an exchange with another person. We simply feel better for spending time with them. And here’s another secret I want to share: When we access this type of energy, the healing flows both ways. The giver is the receiver and vice versa.

When I do my work, I'm recruiting divine assistance and accessing a wellspring of higher intelligence and healing powers beyond the physical realm. However I don't want to understate the necessity of those of us working in the healing arts, to have studied a modality of some sort and honed a set of skills.  If it weren't for my kinesiology training and the years I spent faithfully treating people using these skills, I wouldn't have developed the powerful intuitive abilities I now use daily.

This brings me to the second purpose of this article, and that is to describe, as best I can, how it feels to live completely from intuition. My style of intuition is based in a knowingness which shows up as words or phrases that arrive unbidden in my awareness. I say ‘awareness’ because I don't hear them like a regular thought. I feel, sense or know them in my whole being. Some people's intuitive gifts are more visual or aural. I write about this in detail in my article, How to Access Your Intuition - Three Steps, but here’s a brief rundown of how I approach it:

I listen within, I trust what I hear and I'm prepared to change my mind, my plans and my driving route at a moment's notice when urged from my intuition.

I'll leave you with a neat little example: My son came home one day with a completely seized up neck. He was in a lot of pain and was very distressed. I immediately did what I could to help him to feel better and then I realised why earlier that very afternoon, I'd felt the urge to phone our local osteopath and book an appointment. She gets completely booked up each week and I'd been able to secure a session the following afternoon. So my son got to receive some amazing help the very next day. Now you might say, "Phew, that was lucky!" What I say is, "Phew, thank goodness I listened to my intuition."

We all have these moments but just imagine how it would feel if life always flowed like thisSure, unpleasant things would still happen, but we can move through challenging times all the better when our intuition is firing and being utilised. Food for thought? 

by Tricia Woods


Tricia Woods is an intuitive counsellor and energy healer who has a passion for the healing powers of nature, meditation, yoga and music. She comes from a background as a psychologist and kinesiologist and now incorporates healing sound, flower essences, essential oils, numerology and astrology into her sessions. She is available for session bookings at her home in Dunsborough or via Skype. Contact her on 0418 698 305 or email tricia@triciawoods.com.au.

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